Quilting rulers

The ruler serves to guide precise lines by quilting with a special quilt foot.

ruler height 3 mm
for domestic machines
ruler height 5 mm
for high-shank quilt machines
NP-R05 NP5-R05
NP-R06 NP5-R06
NP-R09 NP5-R09
NP-P01-3 NP5-P01-3
NP-P01-4 NP5-P01-4
NP-P02-3 NP5-P02-3
NP-P02-4 NP5-P02-4
NP-P05-3 NP5-P05-3
NP-P05-4 NP5-P05-4
NP-P06-3 NP5-P06-3
NP-P06-4 NP5-P06-4
NP-K1 NP5-K1
NP-K2 NP5-K2
NP-K5 NP5-K5
NP-K6 NP5-K6
NP-V3 NP5-V3
NP-V2 NP5-V2
NP-C11 NP5-C11
NP-C13 NP5-C13
NP-C21 NP5-C21
NP-C23 NP5-C23
NP-S2 NP5-S2
NP-S4 NP5-S4
NP-U72 NP5-U72
NP-U92 NP5-U92
NP-A05 NP5-A05
NP-A06 NP5-A06
NP-A07 NP5-A07
NP-A08 NP5-A08
NP-A09 NP5-A09
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