Quilting rulers Shape

The ruler serves to guide precise lines by quilting with a special quilt foot.
The ruler is designed for sewing perfect shapes and folding them into combinations.
On the ruler are marked guides for several angles, so you can rotate the ruler at regular angles.

ruler height 3 mm
for domestic machines
ruler height 5 mm
for high-shank quilt machines
NP-P01-3 NP5-P01-3
NP-P01-4 NP5-P01-4
NP-P02-3 NP5-P02-3
NP-P02-4 NP5-P02-4
NP-P05-3 NP5-P05-3
NP-P05-4 NP5-P05-4
NP-P06-3 NP5-P06-3
NP-P06-4 NP5-P06-4
NP-H01-3 - NEW NP5-H01-3
NP-H01-4 - NEW NP5-H01-4
NP-H02-3 - NEW NP5-H02-3
NP-H02-4 - NEW NP5-H02-4
NP-H05-3 - NEW NP5-H05-3
NP-H05-4 - NEW NP5-H05-4
NP-H06-3 - NEW NP5-H06-3
NP-H06-4 - NEW NP5-H06-4
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